Festivities and Traditions of Karrantza

numerous festivitiesThe festive cycle gives a varied offering throughout the year. Most festivities are celebrated in each of the parishes and districts of the Valley in honour of their patron saint.

Apart from the numerous festivities in the districts, special mention must be made of San Isidro. His feast day is celebrated in Concha on 15th May, San Isidro Labrador, when different activities are organised, among them being championships and exhibitions of rural sport.

Basque dancing

Mention must also be made of the feast of Our Lady of Buen Suceso, the Patron Saint of Karrantza Valley. This is a feast with a great tradition that is celebrated on 18th September in the shrine that bears her name. The festivities take place throughout the day in the fields of Suceso, with a town lunch, cooking competitions, dancing, romeria and naturally the traditional bullfight in the bullring next to the shrine.

Musical Concerts in Karrantza. A free music festival held in the middle of July in the natural auditorium of the former quarry of Pozalagua (Ranero).

Famous Basque musicians have played to audiences at this festival: Kepa Junkera, Oskorri, Mikel Urdagarin, Gontzal Mendibil, Susana Seivane and many others.

Agricultural Fair: craftwork and agricultural products fair held in the first weekend in October in Concha Square.

 sokatira agricultural products
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