About us

In compliance with the Electronic Commerce and Communication Act of Spain 34/2002 (11th July, 2002), Karrantza Town Council communicates that the following is General Information:

  • The legal name of the municipality is: Ayuntamiento de Karrantza (Karrantza Town Council).
  • Karrantza Town Council’s legal address is Bº Concha 1, 48891 – Karrantza (Bizkaia, Spain, EU)
  • Karrantza Town Council’s Tax Identification Number (CIF) is: P4802600I
  • Karrantza Town Council’s telephone number: +34 94 680 60 12
  • Karrantza Town Council’s fax number: +34 94 610 67 63
  • The Internet domain, www.karrantza.org, is property of Karrantza Town Council.
  • In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act of Spain 15/1999 (13th December 1999), and with other pertinent regulations, Karrantza Town Council (CIF: P4802600I) is legally bound to inform you that, the security and confidentiality of any personal data provided by users is guaranteed.
  • Karrantza Town Council email address: udala@karrantza.org